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President's Message
Greetings to all our members and visitors!
As unfortunate events such as large-scale fires and a variety of disastrous calamities ensue every year, fire fighting and fire safety has become an essential constituent as well as the culture of industrialized economies, which now the entire Koreans fully recognize.

Korea Fire Safety Institute concentrates on cultivating the outstanding fire protection professionals and exchanging information so as to protect our people's lives and assets from catastrophic disasters while actively undertaking the nation-wide fire safety education and promotional activities for fire prevention along with the National Emergency Management Agency. All our efforts are in line with establishing the safety culture as early as possible.

Most notably, Korea Fire Safety Institute fosters excellent fire protection professionals such as those specifically in charge of fire prevention tasks while undertaking the fire protection and safety education to develop professional working-level abilities. Not only that, but the Institute is fully engaged in diverse promotional activities for fire safety along with our members and the public, researching numerous systems related with fire safety and security and security management, and focusing on international interplay with the industrialized economies. As a result, Korea Fire Safety Institute takes the lead in light of new fire safety information as a treasure house of fire protection and safety technology.

I hope that you would continue your support toward the Institute so that we can be the main force of further spreading the principles of fire safety in the 21st century. Grounded on our accumulated experiences thus far, the entire members of Korea Fire Safety Institute will maintain our dignity as the comprehensive powerhouse of the fire protection in the private sector and make a constant effort for fire safety and fire prevention so that the people's lives and assets can effectively be protected and the fire safety culture can be firmly rooted in Korea.