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Fire Safety Information
How to use a fire extinguisher
- Keep calm and move the fire extinguisher to the fire place.
- Pull the safety pin from the handle.
- Aim the extinguisher nozzle or hose at the base of the fire with the wind at your back.
- Squeeze the handle. The substance will be released.
- Sweep the extinguisher from side to side until the fire is out.
Installation and maintenance guide
- Keep the fire extinguisher in a visible and easy-to-access spot and let them get out of a
   person's road.
- Keep the extinguishers in a cool dry place.
- Look over your fire extinguisher well, looking for dents, rust or any other damage. Make
   sure the extinguisher looks in good condition.
- Rechargeable extinguishers must be serviced after every use.
In order to prevent loss of life and protect property in an emergency and to
    draw attention to potential fire safety problems in the workplace, the fire     safety manager should :
1) make a fire safety plan.
2) organize a volunteer fire department.
3) provide fire safety training and education.
4) maintain fire protection systems and equipments.
5) supervise hot-works.
6) carry out additional works expected in that position.
Organization of emergency team(Current, Jan. 2000)
- Every National Fire Stations
- 1,071 units in entire country
- Emergency Personnel: 4,136 persons
- Mobilization to the emergency site on receiving the accident report
- Rescue of survivors from the accident & Transfer the emergent injured(patient) to hospital
How to use the services
- Beneficiaries : All people(emergent patient)
- Report : Report to 119 on phone
- Available Time : All hours a day
- Free Transfer Fee
- Convenient report & use -119 on phone
- 24 Standby, Available fast mobilization & Transfer
- Close cooperation with hospitals, Transfer ability of a patient to a hospital, Available
   emergent treatment for patient until arriving at a hospital thanks for the possession of
- Principle of transfer & hospitalization to patient's hoping hospital
- Activation of a hospital's medical treatment(Can't reject any medical action)
※ Never Prank Call to 119 by Children