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Fire Safety Education

In line with a fire protection environment in which fires are increasing and becoming larger and more complicated due to the industrial development, the Institute has maximized the effectiveness of the education by carrying out educational programs based on theories and practices.

By securing excellent teaching staff, the Institute has prepared educational programs which can highlight specialties of each field. It also contributes to the prevention of fire by distributing fire protection technological information to those involved in fire protection services.

In the fire protection center there is an auditorium, an audio-visual room, a practical training room and a display of fire protection products. 
We, KFSI, deliver in-service training to the people in fire safety industry and fire protection engineer to build crisis management capacity while providing technical information required by Fire Services Act.
We, KFSI, deliver following education services required by Fire Services Act : fire safety management course, hazardous materials management course and tanker truck driver course