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We do our utmost to satisfy our member's needs.

The Institute is always striving for the enhancement of welfare and morale of members. We are providing the members with the consolation reward through the fire casualty insurance for the unexpected disaster, including the scholarship, award for model member, trip to model facilities. In the meantime, our reference room is providing all kind of domestic and foreign information(such as USA, England and Japan) regarding fire protection to meet the members' desire for the information free of charge through the internet.
Exemption of Mandatory Practical Education Fee:
    Free textbook and free education on internet(cyber)
   ※ Non-member must pay the fee separately.
Payment of Compensation for Member's Damage
   - Damaged member caused from direct fire result during a person's duty operation  
Classification  Paid Amount  Recommend 
Fire Sufferer  300,000 won Member suffered the material damage more than 5 million won as the possessed or rented building  
Injury Sufferer  500,000 won Member required a long treatment for more than 3 weeks  
effect Sufferer 
900,000~30,000,000 won 30,000,000won X After-effect rate(3~100%) 
The Dead  30,000,000 won  
Selective payment of fire protection scholarship to member's children & member
   (dependent on the Institute's payment regulation)
Provision of the fire safety plan statement, the inspection format, and guide of fire
    protection relevant skills
Discount of inspection fee for fire protection facility
Free provision of periodicals
Provision of the opportunity for field trip to good fire protection facility
Free access to KFSI library
Discount on using e-commerce
Proxy purchase of domestic or foreign publications about fire protection
Arrangement & helping for the field trip to good fire protection facility
Discount on renting a classroom
Discount on using other associations & business-tied up companies
Discount on promoting the member company's new technology or products in our
Discount on KFSI publications
Discount on inserting the ads in『Fire Safety Magazine』and placing banner ads on our