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Research, Development, Publication of Teaching Materials KFSI concentrates its concerted efforts on improving the fire protection systems and researching and developing fire safety-related technologies.

In order to develop new technology and improve fire safety measures, we should expand the training of fire protection professionals, and facilitate the smooth expand the training of information.

Accordingly, the Institute holds annual seminars on fire protection which contribute to the improvement of fire protection capabilities, fire safety management and the development of fire protection technology.

The Institute has also improved the fire protection environment, and has published and distributed a number of domestic and foreign books on subjects related to fire protection.
『Fire Safety Magazine』(Quarterly)
  Fire Safety Magazine provides valuable information which fire and hazardous materials
    safety managers need for their duty operation.
『Journal of Fire Protection Technology』(Biannual)
  Written by professionals, for professionals, the journal contains news, research papers
     and technical information to promote the improvement of fire technology and the
     understanding of issues that affect the fire protection design, installation and inspection
     in the field.