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Technical Services

Accurate and perfect inspection on fire protection facilities & Safety assessment of laboratories, this is another safety promise that Korea Fire Safety Institute makes to the public. 

Taking the importance of fire prevention fully into account, the Institute has established a special task force, comprised of highly-trained professionals and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which can inspect fire protection facilities. Task force inspections have been invaluable in revealing fire safety problems, thereby protecting property and saving lives.

Current Possession of Experts
Total Professional Engineers Main Manpower (Fire equipment manager) Assistant
Fire Protection Facilities Engineer Other relevant licence 
108 3 6 65 34 
※ According to the 『Statistics on Fire and Disaster Administration Service in 2008』
    (published by NEMA(National Emergency Management Agency))

   Total numbers of companies managing fire protection facility are 326, and total technical       personnel are 1716: there are average 5.26 technical persons per a company.
   But our Institute possesses 108 technical personnel, which are 20.5 times more than
      the average 5.26 persons. 

Improved Quality of Inspection Service(Acquisition of ISO 9001)
By getting the quality certification from BSI, we operate high-quality inspection service which you can trust and assign your facilities to us. 
Join to Professional Job Compensation Insurance
    (Limit of Liability of 100 million won) 
If there happens any damage caused from our mistake during inspecting fire protection facility, we will compensate all cost caused from the damage (ex: release of halon for extinguishing)
27-Year Accumulated Technical Skills
Our technical skills and inspection-relevant know-how accumulated through the 66 cases of safety evaluation, the 3,370 cases of fire protection facility inspection since 1983 will keep your buildings safely.